Precautions during use

• Avoid formation and inhalation of dust.• Wet grinding is recommended instead of dry grinding.• Always use Exhaust Ventilation which is adequate to limit personal exposure well below the Occupatio...

Grinding of Cemented Carbide

Grinding or heating a cemented carbide product will produce dust or fumes of hazardous ingredients which can be inhaled, swallowed or come in contact with the skin or eyes.The limiting ingredient i...

Concerning bit diameters

Note that all bits are bigger on diameter than the given measurements in the catalogue.Cross bits: Can be max 1 mm larger due to manufacturing tolerances.Button bits: Are max 3,0 mm larger for some...

Application of Hard Alloy Ball Teeth

Hard alloy ball teeth are widely used in oilfield drilling and snow removal, snow plows, or other equipment due to their unique performance. According to different oilfield drilling machinery, such...

How to maintain and maintain the wear and tear of the main frame drill rod

In ultra deep wells, highly deviated wells, extended reach wells, and horizontal wells, the drilling time of the main frame drill pipe is prolonged, and the lateral force acting on the casing by th...

New H22 standard drill pipe, a new tool!

The new H22 standard drill rod is a high-quality taper drill rod independently developed and produced by the company. From steel billet selection to casting processing, the drill rod adopts Swedish...
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